Headed to SXSW? Here are a few parties you’ll see us at…
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Here are a few parties we consider unmissable…see you there!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I hate you… every March when you are Austin bound, where its sunny springtime and 70 degrees (while 40 and wet in NYC). The hater ante was upped by John T Edge's boffo love letter to Austin's awesome breakfast taco scene in last week's nytimes (which you had better hit and report back about… or else!). Then the coup de grace for this year… My homey home homies, Man or Lee County Astrotwerps headlining and having enough Touch and Go juice to prolly get both of us into The Runaways movie world premiere. please say hello to Brian, Brian, and Rob from Michael Sansone.
    Cheers and have a pork-egg-n-bean taco and a shiner bock for me!

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