At the pace of the uber-fast, Twitter-ific world we live in now, last month’s SXSW 2011 music festival might be already gone and forgotten. But for some of us (like me) the experience still resonates. Thirty-plus live shows, tons of memorable moments, and a whole lot of tofu kimchi tacos from a food truck: it […]

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Of the 2,000 (!) bands playing at South by Southwest this year, Low is one of the few artists on my can’t-miss list. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs ever since the minimalist, devastating beauty of The Curtain Hits the Cast first wrung itself from my speakers back in my college days in Colorado. Though I’ve seen […]

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Here are a few parties we consider unmissable…see you there!

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Even the pizza joints down here are hardcore this time of year: Hope to check in a few times over the next couple days…but 83F and sunny means that I don’t plan on staying inside a whole lot!

One of the more interesting events that goes down every year at SXSW are the DirecTV tapings of their SXSW Live series, which are full performance sets by a great roster of industry upstarts and old favorites.  The shows are taped in two different ballrooms in the Austin Convention Center, which are transformed into roadhouse-styled […]

4AD will be handing out a limited edition (and eventually, very collectible, I’m sure) EP to commemorate next Wednesday’s showcase at SXSW in Austin, but you can play and/or download the contents of the disc right now at the link below.

The best party of SXSW week last year looks to do it again this year… The Mess With Texas 3 initial lineup for March 21 has been announced, and includes the following: The Black Lips Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims)King Khan & the ShrinesThe Thermals Akron/FamilyThao and the Get Down Stay DownCircle JerksJapanther Crystal AntlersMonotonixTrash […]

From the SXSW website: On Friday, March 20, performing right society BMI will partner with SXSW to present new wave progenitors Devo at Austin Music Hall (208 Nueces St). The show marks the climax of BMI’s focused presence at SXSW 2009: Throughout the week, the organization will also stage indie rock showcases, orchestrate film and […]

The first official list of artists playing this year’s SXSW were announced on the festival’s website today: 8Ball & MJG (Memphis, TN)Akron/Family (Williamsport, PA)Al Kapone (Memphis, TN)Alina Simone (Brooklyn, NY)Amanda Blank (Philadelphia, PA)Amber Smith (Budapest, HUNGARY)Angry vs The Bear (Essex, ENGLAND)Anthony Snape (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)ARABROT (Oslo, NORWAY)Arc Angels (Austin, TX)Asher Roth (Morrisville, PA)Asobi Seksu (Brooklyn, NY)Astrid […]

One of my favorite parties at SXSW was the Donewaiting.com shindig at the Creekside Lounge. Set in the backyard of a, well, creek-side lounge, Donewaiting‘s event felt more like a kegger than a showcase, and was much more in the spirit of the original SXSW concept than the usual big corporate branding fests that are […]