Caribou not only had one of my favorite albums of the year--they also win my vote for most beautiful album cover. Image via Merge Records

Was 2014 a good year for music? My friends and fellow fans seem divided on the subject. On the one hand, this year we saw an explosion in the sheer quantity of indie/alternative/electronic/genre-defying music out there, in part thanks to services like Spotify, the aptly-described “celestial jukebox” that makes the acts of discovering new artists, […]

When they stepped onto the stage at Boston’s Great Scott last night, Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter looked remarkably young and fresh-faced, not unlike the college kids who made up the majority of the crowd. For some reason, I expected the duo to be older—maybe just because the assured songs on their debut full-length […]

Favorite album (tie) Fever Ray – Fever Ray. The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson harnesses dualities— organic/artificial, animal/human, male/female, adulthood/childhood—to create a fascinating and cohesive whole. I haven’t been able to stop listening ever since I first heard “If I Had a Heart” back in January. This is music constantly revealing itself, forcing you to look […]

I’ve been obsessed with Phantogram ever since I heard a KEXP podcast featuring “When I’m Small”—an unforgettable blend of silky vocals, aggressive beats, and spy-movie guitar. Phantogram’s self-titled debut EP, available on their Myspace page, reveals influences from artists like Portishead and the Knife, but still sounds urgent and new. I mention Phantogram because I […]