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Yesterday I spent a couple of hours listening to an exclusive mix for BBC Radio by Jamie xx, the DJ behind the distinctive sound of the xx who’s also recently forged a  remixing style all his own. Streaming for the next few days at BBC’s Radio 6, it’s a fascinating look into the eclectic playlist […]

Say it with me: “oh.” That’s apparently how you pronounce the consonant-free (and ok, kind of stupid) name of the mysterious electronic act oOoOO. Coincidentally, “oh” also sums up my happy reaction to their new song, “Burnout Eyess,” available now as a free download from Insound. It’s all tumbling beats, whispery rattles, pristine vocals, a […]

On August 24, Antony and the Johnsons will release Thank You for Your Love, a new EP that’s a predecessor to their forthcoming album Swanlights (which comes out October 12). “Thank You for Your Love” is actually the lead single from Swanlights, and while the song starts out simply enough–with Antony’s unearthly, androgynous voice wavering […]

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SALEM photo by Jimmy Limit.

Love them or hate them, SALEM always manage to sound beautiful, disturbing, and not quite like anyone else–and their new  track “King Night” is no exception. The opening cut from the forthcoming full-length of the same name, which comes out Sept. 28 on IAMSOUND records, it explodes a wispy croon of “I love you” into what sounds […]

Those of us who turned out to see The Besnard Lakes last night at TT the Bear’s Place in Boston got some cool surprises: the debut of some new material, plus a few tantalizing details about the long-awaited follow-up to their 2007 stunner The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse. Featuring a stripped-down four-person lineup—and, […]