…and the result is the hybrid sound of “I’m Not in Love,” a cover of an 80s song by Platinum Blonde that originally appeared on the recent Crystal Castles album. The new version evokes immediate nostalgia with Smith’s perfect-as-ever vocals, making his duet with the robot-voiced girl at the end into a striking human-versus-machine kind of moment. Cool. Watch […]


Yep, it’s autumn again. And just in time for the change of season, the amazing A Sunny Day in Glasgow have self-released a new album of the same name for free (or, rather, for a suggested donation of your choice). Short but sweet, Autumn, Again showcases a more poppy side of the band’s kaleidoscopic, dreamy […]

Say it with me: “oh.” That’s apparently how you pronounce the consonant-free (and ok, kind of stupid) name of the mysterious electronic act oOoOO. Coincidentally, “oh” also sums up my happy reaction to their new song, “Burnout Eyess,” available now as a free download from Insound. It’s all tumbling beats, whispery rattles, pristine vocals, a […]


Today I’m going to keep my words to a minimum and just let the music speak for itself. Check out the MP3s below, all from recent or forthcoming releases that are absolutely worth further listening: Glasser – “Home” from the forthcoming (and stunning) album Ring Low Sea – “Never Yours” from the album The Light […]

The other night I had my first taste of a “Bee’s Knees,” an old-school cocktail made with lemon, gin, and honey. While a bit reminiscent of cough drops, it also tastes surprisingly good–the tart lemon cuts through the thick honey syrup, while the astringent herbs of the gin leave a lingering sting on your tongue. […]

If, like me, you can’t wait for the September 14 release of the new Blonde Redhead album, Penny Sparkle, starting today you can listen to the whole thing on NPR here. I won’t spoil the sound for you, except to quote a little from the accompanying review: While many of the mid-tempo, low-energy songs share […]

After making waves with last year’s stunning Wagonwheel Blues, The War On Drugs have announced their next sonic move, an eight-track album called Future Weather. We’re told the album is chock-full of layers and studio-futzing brilliance, and based on the first track to be released, “Comin’ Through”, we can’t wait to hear the rest. Judge […]

Ordinarily, I’d be skeptical about any artist’s claim to be “the best live band in the world.” But in the case of the Besnard Lakes, they’re not kidding. Let’s put it this way: Last time I saw them at one of my favorite venues (TT the Bear’s), their set stretched way past curfew, the band […]

On August 24, Antony and the Johnsons will release Thank You for Your Love, a new EP that’s a predecessor to their forthcoming album Swanlights (which comes out October 12). “Thank You for Your Love” is actually the lead single from Swanlights, and while the song starts out simply enough–with Antony’s unearthly, androgynous voice wavering […]

For those of us who, for one reason or another, are spending August in the city. For those of us who are more likely, these days, to walk on sticky asphalt than on soft white sand. For those of us who can travel a little every day in our minds, just by hearing the right […]