At the pace of the uber-fast, Twitter-ific world we live in now, last month’s SXSW 2011 music festival might be already gone and forgotten. But for some of us (like me) the experience still resonates. Thirty-plus live shows, tons of memorable moments, and a whole lot of tofu kimchi tacos from a food truck: it […]


Bathed in sunset-pink light, plucking the opening notes of “She Was a Vision” from the strings of a large wooden harp, Active Child‘s Pat Grossi made quite an entrance on the stage of Cambridge, MA’s Middle East Downstairs last night. But it wasn’t until Grossi started singing–his voice two parts choirboy and one part world-weary […]

In an uncertain world, there’s something to be said for consistency. I’ve seen the Raveonettes at the Paradise three or four times over the last few years, and I always know exactly what I’m in for: noisy, gorgeously dark rock and roll, performed with energy and an irresistible coolness. Though a lot of songs from […]

Concert review: Grizzly Bear at Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA June 3, 2009 The first time I saw Grizzly Bear live—at a crowded, stiflingly hot club in Northampton, Massachusetts—was the moment I went from being a casual fan to a mildly obsessed one. These four sweaty, slightly goofy guys put on a dazzling, energetic, virtuosic […]

Maybe it was the giant white ball hovering moonlike above the stage, its surface swarming with abstract film projections. Maybe it was the colored lights mounted under the white-draped tables where the three band members bent over their instruments. Or maybe it was the music itself: layered, percussive, hypnotic, and building moment by moment to […]

With this review, extrawack! welcomes new Boston correspondent Anna Kramer… Asobi Seksu at the Middle East, Cambridge, March 30, 2009 Last night’s show began with an unexpected twist: A last-minute move from the 500-person capacity Middle East Downstairs club to the much smaller Upstairs section of the venue. But whatever this shift may have meant […]