So it was really tough to pick ten albums from a year so full of fascinating new music–and even tougher to rank them in some kind of order. Some albums I listened to a lot ended up being left off the list (ceo, Kid Cudi, Coco Rosie, Arcade Fire), while other artists only released EPs […]

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On August 3, two great labels–Secretly Canadian and Sincerely Yours–join forces to re-release one of my favorite albums of recent years: the Swedish duo jj’s jj no.2. If you haven’t yet allowed yourself to be transported by the perfect one-two combo of “From Africa to Malaga” and “Ecstasy,” I recommend you take advantage of the […]

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JJ no.3 actually came out last month, while winter was still lingering here in Boston. But as the sun re-emerges and the air warms with the promise of spring, I find myself listening to the Swedish duo’s third album more or less constantly—right now, their tropical-tinged, sample-inflected hazy pop songs just sound perfectly uplifting. On […]

Favorite album (tie) Fever Ray – Fever Ray. The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson harnesses dualities— organic/artificial, animal/human, male/female, adulthood/childhood—to create a fascinating and cohesive whole. I haven’t been able to stop listening ever since I first heard “If I Had a Heart” back in January. This is music constantly revealing itself, forcing you to look […]

Somehow travel and music make a perfect combination. When you’re dozing through an endless plane ride, your favorite song can be a comfort; when you’re riding the train through a new and startling country, listening to music can heighten your experience. And when you’re daydreaming at your desk on a rainy afternoon, the right song […]