Last night I dreamed about watching the Besnard Lakes perform a live concert in a giant underground cave, stalactites dripping from the ceiling. It’s not surprising, I guess, since their towering, cinematic new album The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night has been on repeat in my iPod since its release last month. The album […]

I loved Butane Variations, so naturally I was psyched when I found the following in our mailbox over the weekend: Her dad plays avant-jazz guitar. His mom is a classical flautist. She plays the violin. He plays everything else. Meet New York City’s Hollands, a band whose “serious music” chops and theory-head pedigree makes their […]

Regular readers of extrawack! know that we are suckers for the amazingly perfect pop sounds of Har Mar Superstar, so it’ll be no surprise that we are psyched about his new album Dark Touches. To prove that we’ve got good taste, here’s the video and mp3 for the album’s first single, “Tall Boy”. The track […]

Once a year, the initiative known as Blog Action Day calls on bloggers around the world to post something about a specific concern, all on the same day. This year’s topic is climate change. Since my day job involves campaigning and lobbying to convince lawmakers and world leaders to address the effects of climate change, […]

For a music fan in this jacked-up economy, there is nothing worse than shelling out big bucks for what turns out to be a lame show. If you are obsessed with making sure every one of your hard-earned pennies is well spent, have we got a triple-bill of goodness for you… The Dears (pictured left), […]