So it was really tough to pick ten albums from a year so full of fascinating new music–and even tougher to rank them in some kind of order. Some albums I listened to a lot ended up being left off the list (ceo, Kid Cudi, Coco Rosie, Arcade Fire), while other artists only released EPs […]

Ordinarily, I’d be skeptical about any artist’s claim to be “the best live band in the world.” But in the case of the Besnard Lakes, they’re not kidding. Let’s put it this way: Last time I saw them at one of my favorite venues (TT the Bear’s), their set stretched way past curfew, the band […]

Last night I dreamed about watching the Besnard Lakes perform a live concert in a giant underground cave, stalactites dripping from the ceiling. It’s not surprising, I guess, since their towering, cinematic new album The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night has been on repeat in my iPod since its release last month. The album […]

Those of us who turned out to see The Besnard Lakes last night at TT the Bear’s Place in Boston got some cool surprises: the debut of some new material, plus a few tantalizing details about the long-awaited follow-up to their 2007 stunner The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse. Featuring a stripped-down four-person lineup—and, […]

Lest we get one more email or phonecall from a publicist or music mag asking us for a sneak peek at our year-end album list, I thought I’d post it up about three weeks earlier than we have in the past. Ladies & Gentlemen, without further ado, and in alphabetical order…the extrawack! Top Ten Albums […]

One of the most overlooked albums of this year is The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse, from Montreal’s amazing The Besnard Lakes. Thankfully for fans who’ve not yet been lucky enough to catch their live show yet, they are hitting the States one last time for 2007 for a bunch of shows with Peter, […]

Having seen the amazing Earl Greyhound/Dirty on Purpose/Great Northern show last Thursday at Bowery Ballroom, I totally felt it warranted a review here. Rather than recap the night, I thought this Gmail Chat with our lady-about-town Priscilla White might sum it up just as well: 9:14 PM extrawack!: Hey! I need to post a review […]