So it was really tough to pick ten albums from a year so full of fascinating new music–and even tougher to rank them in some kind of order. Some albums I listened to a lot ended up being left off the list (ceo, Kid Cudi, Coco Rosie, Arcade Fire), while other artists only released EPs […]

In honor of yesterday’s release of the new Beach House album, Teen Dream, thought I’d share the video for my current favorite track, “Silver Soul.” Singer Victoria Legrand directed this video, one of several included on a DVD when you buy the album; it features some truly mystical hula hooping in, you guessed it, hues […]

Somehow travel and music make a perfect combination. When you’re dozing through an endless plane ride, your favorite song can be a comfort; when you’re riding the train through a new and startling country, listening to music can heighten your experience. And when you’re daydreaming at your desk on a rainy afternoon, the right song […]