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JJ no.3 actually came out last month, while winter was still lingering here in Boston. But as the sun re-emerges and the air warms with the promise of spring, I find myself listening to the Swedish duo’s third album more or less constantly—right now, their tropical-tinged, sample-inflected hazy pop songs just sound perfectly uplifting. On […]

Montreal musician/self-titled band Patrick Watson—whose clanking, clattering, crooning, unpredictable Wooden Arms was one of my favorite albums from 2009—are heading out on their first US tour for a long time. Catch Watson and his band at the dates below… but why no Boston, hmm, guys? Don’t tell me I’m going to have to go all […]

Instead of hunting for eggs or using peeps to recreate 20th-century masterworks, I spent my Easter Sunday at TT the Bear’s, having my eardrums vibrated by the fuzz-drenched double bill of Serena-Maneesh and the Depreciation Guild . The latter’s forthcoming Spirit Youth has already found a home on my spring playlist, especially songs like “Trace,” […]

Last night I dreamed about watching the Besnard Lakes perform a live concert in a giant underground cave, stalactites dripping from the ceiling. It’s not surprising, I guess, since their towering, cinematic new album The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night has been on repeat in my iPod since its release last month. The album […]

When they stepped onto the stage at Boston’s Great Scott last night, Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter looked remarkably young and fresh-faced, not unlike the college kids who made up the majority of the crowd. For some reason, I expected the duo to be older—maybe just because the assured songs on their debut full-length […]

In honor of yesterday’s release of the new Beach House album, Teen Dream, thought I’d share the video for my current favorite track, “Silver Soul.” Singer Victoria Legrand directed this video, one of several included on a DVD when you buy the album; it features some truly mystical hula hooping in, you guessed it, hues […]

Last fall, a friend of mine traveled to Copenhagen with the express purpose of seeing “Tomorrow, in a year,” the Knife’s opera based on the life of Charles Darwin. (Apparently, it was well worth the journey.) The rest of us fans of the Knife may not be quite as devoted, but we can at least […]

Favorite album (tie) Fever Ray – Fever Ray. The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson harnesses dualities— organic/artificial, animal/human, male/female, adulthood/childhood—to create a fascinating and cohesive whole. I haven’t been able to stop listening ever since I first heard “If I Had a Heart” back in January. This is music constantly revealing itself, forcing you to look […]

Just when I thought Portishead couldn’t possibly get any more awesome, they’ve gone and released a new song in honor of International Human Rights Day: the propulsive yet hauntingly lovely “Chase the Tear.” You can watch a video of them performing the song below, and make sure you go to 7 digital and download the […]

One of the most fascinating new artists I’ve come across this year, Active Child combines a warm, androgynous voice–reminscent of Antony Hegarty or Boys Don’t Cry-era Robert Smith–with layers of cool synths and drum machines to produce a romantic, distinctive sound. For fans of machine-heart divas like Goldfrapp, people who still listen to Tears for […]