Bathed in sunset-pink light, plucking the opening notes of “She Was a Vision” from the strings of a large wooden harp, Active Child‘s Pat Grossi made quite an entrance on the stage of Cambridge, MA’s Middle East Downstairs last night. But it wasn’t until Grossi started singing–his voice two parts choirboy and one part world-weary […]

School of Seven Bells–who have a habit of choosing great touring companions–are headlining an extensive fall tour, featuring the melancholy choirboy harp-wielding genius Active Child (whose recent EP Curtis Lane is a must-listen). Very, very cool. Active Child – Wilderness from Jheri Evans on Vimeo. School of Seven Bells’ Disconnect from Desire comes out on […]

Favorite album (tie) Fever Ray – Fever Ray. The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson harnesses dualities— organic/artificial, animal/human, male/female, adulthood/childhood—to create a fascinating and cohesive whole. I haven’t been able to stop listening ever since I first heard “If I Had a Heart” back in January. This is music constantly revealing itself, forcing you to look […]

One of the most fascinating new artists I’ve come across this year, Active Child combines a warm, androgynous voice–reminscent of Antony Hegarty or Boys Don’t Cry-era Robert Smith–with layers of cool synths and drum machines to produce a romantic, distinctive sound. For fans of machine-heart divas like Goldfrapp, people who still listen to Tears for […]