Caribou not only had one of my favorite albums of the year--they also win my vote for most beautiful album cover. Image via Merge Records

Was 2014 a good year for music? My friends and fellow fans seem divided on the subject. On the one hand, this year we saw an explosion in the sheer quantity of indie/alternative/electronic/genre-defying music out there, in part thanks to services like Spotify, the aptly-described “celestial jukebox” that makes the acts of discovering new artists, […]


Yep, it’s autumn again. And just in time for the change of season, the amazing A Sunny Day in Glasgow have self-released a new album of the same name for free (or, rather, for a suggested donation of your choice). Short but sweet, Autumn, Again showcases a more poppy side of the band’s kaleidoscopic, dreamy […]

Everything about A Sunny Day in Glasgow—from their too-long name to artsy song titles like “Panic Attacks Are What Make Me ‘Me’”—seems designed to be a little bit inaccessible. Though they’re often compared to fellow shoegaze-influenced, female-fronted bands like Asobi Seksu and Mahogany, their music tends to push the experimental boundaries further than either one, […]