album review: Dinosaur Jr – Beyond

Dinosaur Jr – Beyond

With their first original-lineup album since 1989, Dinosaur Jr has released one of the best rock records of the year…an amazing feat considering the album sounds like it was recorded in the late 80’s…and I mean that in a good way.

Beyond is full of hooky and heavy-fuzzy J. Mascis guitar work, hinting only occasionally at the stylistic progression of his pre-reunion solo work. A couple of the tracks sounded so familiar on my initial listen that I could almost swear they were songs from Bug, but sure enough, they are brand-spankin’ new. Lyrically, only God knows what Mascis is singing about, but it all sounds cool.

There are a couple of Lou Barlow songs here, which are thankfully very un-Sebadoh. The entire record has a very-warm, non Pro-Toolsy feel to it, further making the album sound like a natural successor to Dino Jr’s late 80’s farewell. And check out that album cover above…totally SST, right? This one, however, is on Fat Possum.

For old-school fans of the band, Beyond is manna from heaven. Young whippersnappers who stumble across this album are going to think they’ve discovered the next big thing. Beyond hits stores May 1.

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