5 new songs to keep you warm this winter
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Get snowed in with new music from Braids, Dan Deacon, Nite Fields, and more.

One good thing about the seemingly endless snowstorms now blanketing us here in Boston is the chance to stay in and listen to new music. After a slow start (Panda Bear excepted), 2015 has picked up speed musically, with a lot of cool sounds from new and forthcoming albums surfacing in recent weeks. Below are five of my favorite new songs to keep you company through chilly days and long nights.

1. Braids, “Miniskirt”

Confident yet vulnerable, this song makes feminism even cooler, if such a thing is possible.

From the album Deep in the Iris, out 4/28 on Arbutus Records.

2. Paperdeer, “Fabled II”

Like the well-adjusted offspring of Ladytron and M83.

From the album Fabled, out now.

3. Dan Deacon, “Feel the Lightning”

Gender-shifting vocals, an epic chorus, and a heartfelt tribute to Johnny Depp and Tom Petty make this one of Dan Deacon’s most captivating songs yet.

From the album Gliss Riffer, out 2/25 on Domino.

4. Dengue Fever, “Tokay”

Simmering Cambodian-Californian psychedelia to warm up those frozen mornings.

From the new album The Deepest Lake, available here.

5. Nite Fields, “Winter’s Gone”

Seven minutes of dreamy shoegaze drift by on a cloud of wishful thinking.

From the album Depersonalisation, out now.


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